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By Chloe IT Run Book
by chloe

By Chloe IT Run Book

System Overview

  • The byCHLOE digital menu board system is comprised of three landscape Samsung Commercial Grade Displays in a 1×3 configuration.
  • The displays can be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted. When wall-mounted, the displays can either be surface mounted or recessed. Currently, all wall-mounted locations are surface-mounted.
  • The displays are showing content that is rendered locally on a windows based media player. The media player is installed media rack along with other AV and Control hardware.
  • Content layout and scheduling are managed in the Zero-In Cloud-Based Content Management System.

System Topology

Wiring Diagram

Physical Network Requirements

The media rack requires 1 physical network port on the byCHLOE rack. The network port must have DHCP enabled and 1 static IP address for the Control Processor.

Network Logical Port Requirements

Photos of a Typical Install