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Utilizing Video Walls for Banking Services
Jun. 25, 2021
Utilizing Video Walls for Banking Services

Utilizing Video Walls for Banking Services

These days, there’s no better way to get your message across to a high amount of people than digital signage. It’s modern, familiar, and easily customizable.

Video walls are the biggest and baddest of the bunch. They create an immersive experience that attracts and engages banking clients.

When placed outside, they draw visitors and new clients into your branch. Inside, they keep people informed and interested in what services you have to offer.

Video walls are an effective way to make your bank more engaging and more modern. Put simply, video walls allow you to reach clients in a way that resonates in the digital age.

Here are some ways you can harness the power of video walls in your bank and the positive effects they could have on your branch.

Displays for Banking Rates

Banking rates could be one of the major drawing factors of your banking product suite, especially if you have better rates than many of your competitors. Ensure that your rates are presented on a bright, high contrast display.

Something window-facing is perfect for rates as passersby on the street will quickly be able to glance and might just be drawn into your offer. For indoors, you can use your screen as the centerpiece of the room.

Our digital rate boards featured in Dime Bank in the Northeast help to offer an efficient service to clients while they’re waiting for their teller or grabbing a quick coffee. In addition to large and bright signage, they offer service in a variety of forms.

And if your branch offers currency exchange services, these rates are usually dynamic and can change by the minute. By utilizing a video wall to display your rates, you can rest assured that your customers are being shown all the latest up-to-date information, which also provides them with a more transparent customer experience.

Welcome Messages

Want to attract the right customers into your bank? Welcome messages are the perfect way to greet newcomers into your branch and communicate your branding.

For example, the video walls we installed in several Bank of Hawaii locations contain large striking visuals that mirror the beauty of Hawaii’s islands. It’s always good to be innovative too with your welcome messaging.

You can use video walls to stand out from the crowd, instead of copying what all the other major banks are doing. Your clientele likely chose you for a reason, so make sure that any newcomers are aware of what makes you so appealing.

Community Building

Establishing rapport with clients changes the entire dynamic of the customer relationship for the better. Video walls can be effectively used as a space to introduce staff members to your customers and prospective customers. They help give your brand a personal touch.

Have some of your clients had particular success with your banking or investment services? You can share their stories on your video walls too—especially if they have a relatable story to tell that might attract more of your ideal clientele through the doors.

Also, if your branch is helping to support any local community groups like a soccer team or food bank for example, be sure to share that. By having these types of video walls throughout your branches, you’ll build better relationships with your community and show you care. You’ll also reduce perceived wait times significantly, which is perfect for busier branches.

Holiday Closures

People like to be informed proactively when it comes to banking. There’s nothing worse than being caught without cash or access to your funds. Of course, nowadays with online banking services, this has been mitigated effectively, but there are still occasions where clients need to pop into their local branch. If you’re going to be closed through specific holiday dates, let them know in advance on your digital signage. It’s also a perfect opportunity to communicate any holiday messaging.