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Using Projectors for Digital Signage: Pros & Cons
May. 26, 2021
Think Food Group Little Spain Hudson Yards

Using Projectors for Digital Signage: Pros & Cons

Digital signage is usually associated with large digital displays, TVs, and video walls. But projectors do have their place in the world of digital signage. They offer many opportunities for businesses to create larger than normal signage for less that’s still powerful and eye-catching.

Today we’ll take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing projectors for your digital signage solutions.

Why Use Projection?

One of the primary benefits of using projection is that it’s far cheaper to get set up, as there are fewer materials required.

For example, if you were creating a video wall, you’d need several digital screens linked together. Or you could have one giant LCD screen, but that can be cumbersome and pricey for some places of business. With a projector, you just have one modestly sized device.

No Pesky Bezels

Nowadays, bezels aren’t too noticeable because they’re so thin, but projectors can be the perfect solution for video walls if you want something seamless, or if you’re dealing with unusually shaped surfaces. Additionally, they can create a more immersive experience because there are fewer limitations on size.

They’re also very light in terms of weight. Apart from the projector itself, there’s nothing else to haul around. Plus, the projectors are so light that it’s usually a one-person installation process rather than many having to lift huge screens.

If you’re all about being green, then projectors are known to consume far less energy than digital displays as there’s a lot less output.

Finally, new laser technology can really give traditional digital displays a run for their money, and projections can be displayed inside a border making it hard to tell that it’s not actually a screen as we can see below with Think Food Group’s Hudson Yards setup:

Think Food Group Little Spain Hudson Yards
Think Food Group Little Spain Hudson Yards

Downsides of Using Projectors

Now there are a few instances where projectors might not be the solution for you.

Firstly, brightness can be an issue. Depending on which setup you choose, you might not get the same ‘pop’ as you would from a digital display. Nevertheless, the tech is continuously improving and soon it’ll be hard to notice the difference between the two.

However, ambient light can be a killer for projectors because things like sunlight or bright overhead lights can really put a damper on projection. So, if you’re looking for digital signage in an area that gets a lot of natural light, you may be better choosing a traditional digital display option instead.

Replacing Parts Adds Up

The second downside is the cost over the long term. Although projectors provide a more cost-effective solution initially, some models still use bulb technology that has a tendency to burn out often. However, with laser projection now being the next big thing, you can have up to 4x the lifespan that you got from traditional bulb projectors.

Finally, projectors eliminate the ability to use the display as an interactive surface. You can display QR codes or ask them to follow and tag you on social, but things like touch screen and interactive AR are solely available on digital screens at the moment.

Final thoughts

Projection provides businesses with a lower barrier to entry for the transition into digital signage. Its technology has come a long way over the past few years. It presents a unique opportunity for small businesses to create high, bright digital displays without having to break the bank.