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Top Use Cases for Touchscreen Kiosks
Jul. 06, 2022
Top Use Cases for Touchscreen Kiosks

Top Use Cases for Touchscreen Kiosks

Touchscreen kiosks can be used in many different ways across a wide variety of industries. What makes them so great is that they allow for self-service.

For many industries, this is an absolute gamechanger. For those who are lucky enough to be able to incorporate self-service kiosks into their business, it saves a ton on bandwidth, and allows customers to get what they need without having to stand in a long line (as long as you have enough kiosks available).

Plus, interactive digital content provides a different experience altogether. People can manually input their info, use QR codes, let the device scan their documents, and much more.

In this article, we’ll take a brief look at some of the best industry use cases for digital touchscreen kiosks.

Hotel Lobby Self-Service Kiosks

Digital touchscreen kiosks can be used for both check in and check out to speed things up significantly. Hotel guests would much rather save the time and be on their way then wait around while staff process a line of people who are all checking out at 12pm.

With hotel lobby kiosks, all they need to do is toss their room key cards into a drop box and tap a few buttons to check out. They can also do things like order a limo, book event tickets, or look up information about local attractions all from one digital interface.

Shopping Mall Digital Wayfinding

Shopping malls are mazes of hallways and stores. Some people enjoy wandering around and window shopping, but most people want to get to where they need to go without walking in circles to find it.

Digital wayfinding kiosks provide an interactive solution that allows mall visitors to simply search for what they’re looking for using any relevant keyword.

For example, “coffee” will bring up a list of all the cafes in the mall. Then, they can simply select the one they want to go to and an interactive map will appear showing them the shortest route from where they’re standing.

QSR Self-Ordering Kiosks

QSRs (quick-service restaurants) or fast casual restaurants can make things move even faster by installing digital touchscreen displays for customers to order by themselves with.

This shortens ordering lines, streamlines order info and payments, and even collects data about how customers interacted with the content you displayed.

Convenience Store Self-Service

C-store self service kiosks allow customers to pay for a variety of things other than the products from the shelves. They can do things like recharge their phone credit, pay invoices, sign up for store membership accounts, and much more.

C-store interactive kiosks reduce lines to pay, provide additional services, and reduce the need for face to face interactions.


The use cases for touchscreen kiosks span industries of all kinds. The above are just a few of the top current use cases.

Supermarkets, casinos, museums, gyms, department stores, and anywhere else that requires a service counter or check out area can use interactive digital signage to provide a new set of services, expedite processes, and serve customers in a way that many of them prefer anyway.