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Tech gift guide for 2021: What to Buy this Year
Nov. 23, 2021
Tech gift guide for 2021: What to Buy this Year

Tech gift guide for 2021: What to Buy this Year

Despite how hectic this past year has been, one thing has held true—technology is advancing fast. The global chip shortage may have slowed down progress in some areas, but that hasn’t stopped tech companies from releasing their newest gadgets.

As the holiday season approaches, let’s take a look at some of the top options out on the market now.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Few people haven’t already considered this one, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. But it does deserve first mention on any list of gadgets out right now.

The iPhone 13 comes in a variety of sizes and capacities, but the Pro Max model is the biggest and baddest of the bunch. Most notably, this rendition of the iPhone features their first 120hz screen, as opposed to their previously standard 60hz screens. It offers smoother scrolling and usage with a refresh rate that can keep up better with whatever tasks you do.

A revamped camera and faster processor complete the package, making the iPhone 13 Pro Max a powerhouse of a smartphone.

DJI Mavic 3

Probably the best consumer drone to date, the Mavic 3 is the latest in a long lineup of professional quality drones at affordable prices. The DJI Mavic 3 features a Hasselblad L2D-20c camera system with Apple ProRes video resolution of 5.1K at 50fps and a Tele camera lens allowing higher quality 4x digital zoom. It also features an omnidirectional sensing system and weighs less than 900g.

Oura Ring

Fitness fanatic, or trouble sleeping? The Oura Ring features round-the-clock heart rate monitoring, automatically tracks fitness, and has perfected sleep tracking. It also uses machine learning to learn more about the wearer every day and provide custom feedback. It even measures changes in the body and prompts the wearer when it might be time to take a break. It’s available in four different colors.

MacBook Pro 2021

This year Apple released its newest Macbook, available in both 13” and the all-new 14” and 16” models. It’s the most powerful Macbook Apple has released to date. Featuring up to 21 hours of battery life, liquid retina XDR display, and 11x faster machine learning. Apple describes its new model as a “beast” with “scarily fast” processing technology.

Belkin Magsafe Charger

Looking to charge multiple tech gifts and keep them in a safe space in one go? The Belkin Magsafe Charger can charge an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch in one go. It also doubles as a stylish tech stand to keep all your gadgets in one place. The charger offers up to 15W of power, the fastest charge available for the new iPhone 13.

RayBan Stories Smart Glasses

Finally, a pair of smart glasses that actually look cool. Available in Round, Meteor, and the classic Wayfarer shape, the Stories Smart Glasses are available both as sunglasses or prescription lens products, and feature a 5MP camera, touch control, and audio capabilities thanks to its three built-I microphones.

The case also acts as a charger, meaning the user will never be caught off guard with no battery. A full charge allows up to 50 videos or 200 photos to be synced to the Facebook View App. This is a must for any tech lover who wants to share the world through their own eyes.

Apple AirTag

For those who are prone to losing gadgets and other items, the Apple AirTag is a great option. It allows users to track down any misplaced item with the Find My app. It features a built-in speaker that can be pinged and will even direct the user via the app to exactly where the lost item is located. Available singularly or to purchase in packs of four.