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New AI Features for Google Workspace That Will Save You Time
May. 27, 2022
New AI Features for Google Workspace That Will Save You Time

New AI Features for Google Workspace That Will Save You Time

With products like Gmail, Google Docs, and Meet, it’s no secret that Google’s office software suite is one of the most popular on the planet. But you might not yet be familiar with their newly released time-saving AI features.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the top new Google Workspace features that you should start using.

Automatic Summaries

Long work documents can be extremely time-consuming, even when you only need to know the main points. But a new feature from Google should make things a whole lot quicker and easier while working in Google Workspace.

The company is rolling out AI-generated summaries to Google Docs. With these, you can simply read the summary to see what a long document is all about instead of sifting through dense text to find the specific bits of information you need.

This feature is also coming to Google Chat within the next few months. So you’ll be able to step away from an important work chat for an extended amount of time without worrying about missing anything important. The AI-generated summary will tell you anything meaningful that you missed while you were away.

More Assistive Writing Features

Google is also bringing more assistive writing features to its Docs platform. A few significant changes are coming in this area.

First, Google is adding synonym and sentence structure suggestions to its popular writing platform. These should help writers create more compelling and intuitive drafts of the content they create.

Additionally, Google will start flagging what it calls “inappropriate language”. We’re still waiting for some clarification from Google on what this actually means. But suffice to say that it will also help writers craft more compelling documents without inputting additional energy into the process.

Finally, Google’s assistive writing feature will also begin highlighting instances when active voice would be better than passive voice in a piece of writing. This ought to improve the quality of people’s writing in the workplace since a dry, robotic tone is so commonplace, with the use of passive voice being one of the main reasons.

When you put it all together, you get a significant upgrade to Google’s existing assistive writing capability.

Simplified Document Finding

People who work a lot in Google Docs know how tough it can be to find the correct document sometimes.

It may only take you a few extra minutes to track down the page you want to work on, but that alone could significantly interfere with your productivity if repeated throughout the day.

That’s why Google is bringing an update to Drive that will simplify the process of finding the right document. It will use AI to suggest documents based on the time of day. That way, getting started with your work will often be as simple as making a single click.

AI-Based Transcription

Video conferencing software from Google, Zoom, and Microsoft has become extremely popular in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams have had automatic transcriptions for some time now, and Google is finally joining their ranks.

With the latest update to Google Meet, users effectively won’t have to worry about taking meeting notes anymore. Instead, team members can sit back and engage in the meeting while Google’s AI software takes care of their transcription.

Google’s Goal with AI in Workspace

With all of these updates, Google is focusing on making Workspace easier for teams to use in the era of hybrid work. They’re all part of a broader strategy to compete with the likes of Microsoft and other cloud-based workspaces.

Keep an eye out for similar updates from Google in the future as it works to bring even more AI-powered features into the workplace.