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Motivate Your Members to Participate in Group Classes
Jul. 28, 2023
Motivate Your Members to Participate in Group Classes

Motivate Your Members to Participate in Group Classes

Keep fitness center members informed and motivated with digital signage boards

If you're running a fitness center, you know that classes are a big part of your business. Whether you offer them in addition to equipment, own a studio in which participants and members bring their own equipment, or you operate on a model that only hosts weekly classes, group fitness environments offer a sense of community.

We know how hard it can be to drag yourself to a fitness center; but if you're signed up for a class, it sometimes makes all the difference!

So, how do you make sure your members are joining and enjoying classes? First, start with classes that offer exciting content. Blast motivating music, maintain an upbeat tempo, and make sure the environment is filled with tons of positive energy and enough light. Then get a digital signage board to help promote this awesome offering.By adding video walls to your fitness center, you will keep members informed and motivated to join that kickboxing class or spin cycle, or whatever they’re into!

If you're offering classes, make sure to promote them in the right spot. You want your guests to see class schedules as they walk in to or out of your fitness center, so it would be smart to install digital signage video boards near the entrance or near the locker rooms. Include information about each class and what it offers, what areas of the body it will target (whether it's a full body workout or a class that really focuses on the core), and who the teacher is. Give your guests all the information they need to determine whether it's a class for them, and encourage them to try new ones by calling them out.

Create a sense of urgency

The best way to get someone to sign up for a class is by telling them that it's almost full or by hinting at the class’s popularity. Include "open spot" numbers on your video display wall to encourage users to sign up on the spot. It's hard to catch someone when they're not in the building, but when they're already at the fitness center, they're in a mindset to work out and will be more likely to sign up for a future class. the digital signage system can pull and display group fitness class schedules from your core system, including applications like CSI, ABC Financial, Club Ready, and Mind Body Online.

Make it easy to sign up

This point is crucial. If signing up for a class is difficult or tedious, you're going to lose people. Give them the option of signing up right when they see the digital signage board promoting the class. Whether you have a board that allows fitness center goers to sign up themselves or you have an employee sitting by the board with sign-up sheets, you never want to give your guests the information about the class without the option to join right then and there. Digital signage display boards make it easy for guests to view the information, and then sign up – at the fitness center, online, in the comfort of their own home, or even on the go.When it comes to fitness, the key is keeping your guests motivated, happy, and informed. The best way to do this? By offering great services and including a video wall display that gives guests what they need—whether it's just information or something above and beyond. So, what are you waiting for?