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iPhone 13 Release: What We Know So Far
Sep. 10, 2021
iPhone 13 Release: What We Know So Far

iPhone 13 Release: What We Know So Far

September is here which not only means back to school but a new iPhone announcement is on the horizon.

Apple usually makes their announcements in early September, and if previous years are anything to go by, it’ll likely be released on the last Friday of September which this year is September 24th, with many suggesting that it’ll be available for pre-order from Friday, September 17th. The rumor mill has been in overdrive for the last few months regarding the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Specs have supposedly been leaked, so we have a lot more detail now on what can be expected from Apple’s latest launch.

What’s expected from the iPhone 13?


First up, some clarification on the name. There were rumors that the phone would be called the ‘iPhone 12s’ as it’d be more fitting with this round of updates from the new iPhone. However, according to MacWorld, Apple has been reported to go with iPhone 13.

But how will Apple’s newest upgrade differ from the iPhone 12?


Recently, famous Twitter leaker Duan Rui share the alleged schematics for the new Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and it looks like the new iPhone is set to be as much as 25% smaller than its predecessor.

The suggested camera block, however, looks like it’ll be a lot bigger based on cases designed by

Despite these changes, overall, the aesthetic of the iPhone 13 will look pretty similar to the iPhone 12, and it’ll be hard to tell them apart on the surface. However, big camera upgrades are expected based on the cases that were leaked; especially on the Pro Max version with likely larger aperture for improved low-light photography and image stabilization potentially for all models.

One of the biggest complaints smartphone users had throughout the pandemic was that their phones wouldn't recognize them with a mask on. It’s rumored that the new iPhone will have enhanced facial recognition so that your phone will recognize you even when wearing a mask.

Touch ID has also been rumored, but the reports are varied with some saying we won’t see this feature until the Apple iPhone 14 is released.

The phone will also likely have a faster processor, and for those who aren’t ready to upgrade just yet, iOS 15 will be rolled out for all iPhone users.

Finally, something that could excite iPhone users is potentially a new and improved battery life, with larger batteries being installed across all the phones in the iPhone 13 range.


There seems to be a lot of conflicting information about the price. Some say that Apple will freeze its prices and that the iPhone 13 will be the exact same price as the iPhone 12. However, the ongoing computer chip shortage could increase costs for Apple, which they'll likely pass on to consumers. Some have reported that the new phones will cost a lot more. All will be announced soon.

Final Thoughts

Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Apple just yet, but the good news is that we are just be days from hearing an official announcement. Among the iPhone 13 rumors, there’s also been a lot of talk about new AirPods being released; the AirPods 3.