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How Video Wall Displays and Interactive Media Can Amp Up the Retail Experience
Mar. 30, 2023
How Video Wall Displays and Interactive Media Can Amp Up the Retail Experience

How Video Wall Displays and Interactive Media Can Amp Up the Retail Experience

5 Reasons You Can Benefit from Interactive Displays

Things change all the time in the retail business. Certain items go on sale, sometimes for just a limited period, best sellers go out of stock, and new merchandise becomes available. While there are some things you can't always avoid, like the small child throwing a tantrum at the front door, there are changes you can make to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Zero-In video wall displays are the way to do it. You may already have outdated displays up in your store, but the future is upon us, and you don't want to be left behind.

Here are 5 ways you can benefit from digital wall displays and interactive multimedia:

1.     Highlight specific products. Products come and go, seasons come and go, and prices certainly come and go. That beautiful dress that cost $200 when it first went on sale may be half that now, but for customers avoiding the often-dreaded mess of the sales section, they're going to miss out on their coveted garment, and you're going to miss out on the sale.

Interactive video walls can help. What if customers had a way of browsing through a digital catalogue, complete with prices and showcasing products that are sure to be the next rage in fashion? It's a better experience for them and more profit for you – seems like a win-win situation to us.

2.     Give customers the information they need. There are two types of shoppers: those looking for something specific and those just browsing around for a new pair of jeans. Whatever shopper it is, visual information is always going to be helpful to them. From interactive displays showing the layout of the store to hyper-focused messages on specific items, there's no limit to what you can offer (that your competitors currently don't).

3.     Update your video wall in real time. We live in a world where people expect things immediately. Luckily for you, Zero-in interactive displays and video walls help you adapt to your environment in real time.

Did something go out of stock? Remove it from your board.

Did you reorganize the store and move certain items to new aisles? Easily change the digital signage board to reflect the new layout.

You can even add real-time feeds from social media highlighting popular products and customer reviews. Whatever it is that needs changing, you can alter your board wherever, whenever.

4.     Set the mood. Moods are important in retail. If the vibe of the store doesn't match their mood, they may leave without realizing you sell exactly what they're looking for. Don't just display a list of things on sale and upcoming promotions – make it interesting.

Using custom motion graphics and high-resolution video and imagery to build your brand ensures that you're at the forefront of the future of shopping. Humans are visual creatures and motion graphic designs are sure to catch their eye. Make sure the first thing they see is eye-catching and the customer will be more likely to stick around and browse.

5.     Offer a digital stylist or shopper. Who doesn't want a personal shopper? The first thing that comes to mind is price, but why not get them a digital one that can be accessed from an interactive video wall with custom motion graphics? Let them browse brochures of everything sold. See what other people have paired with the items they're interested in. Keep a video wall display in dressing rooms to make it easy for shoppers to get new sizes or try on new items. The possibilities are endless when you get creative.

When it comes down to it, interactive video wall displays with custom motion graphics are a win for your company. They improve the customer experience, show your shoppers that you're committed to their preferences, and drive sales.