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How to Keep Your Banking Customers in the Loop with Digital Signage
Oct. 26, 2022
How to Keep Your Banking Customers in the Loop with Digital Signage

How to Keep Your Banking Customers in the Loop with Digital Signage

Use both new and established tech to keep your clients informed

When it comes to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for your banking customers, digital signage helps—a LOT. It can inform, entertain, and educate customers about your business and, if done correctly, will ensure that they leave your branch eager to come back and do business again. Digital signage might just be the perfect addition to your client or member education and marketing strategy. Start implementing these ‘secret weapons’ into each of your locations today:

Improving the in-person banking experience

With so much of today’s financial exchanges occurring online, it’s more important than ever for branches to wow their customers when they do come into the business in-person. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this might be one of the reasons why digital signage and displays are such an effective way to engage customers from the moment they walk into your branch.

Display branch announcements, breaking financial news, and monitor up-to-date rate changes. All of this, and more, is possible with digital signage.

Ad-free TV can entertain customers while they wait

If you have an expensive cable subscription for the TVs in your entrance or waiting areas, it might be time to rethink how you use those screens. Why are you paying to advertise someone else’s products? Instead, try Zero-in’s ad-free TV, a cloud-based system with no third party ads—in fact, no ads at all, other than the ones you decide to display. You can log-on anywhere, choose between a variety of great channels like Bloomberg and, Accuweather, , and let clients enjoy high-quality programming at a limited cost to your business.

Teller line displays and digital rate boards increase efficiency and customer education

Your branch’s tellers most likely work hard to satisfy customers and give them the information they need about your institution—but this can be a challenging process during peak times. Instead of having your already-burdened tellers answer basic questions about rates and practices, consider installing teller line displays and automated digital rate boards. These signs can be updated in real-time to show interest rates for mortgages, car loans, savings accounts, and other financial products as well as  account policies, opening and closing times, and important news.

While it’s easy for customers to overlook a piece of paper on the wall, it’s even easier for them to spot a bright and welcoming display. With digital rate boards and signage, clients feel well-informed. And by not using as much paper for information-sharing, the Earth gets a break, too!

Spice things up with video walls

Imagine a customer walking into your branch for the first time and, instead of seeing a boring office, they’re greeted with a massive wall playing Bloomberg TV with your custom marketing & branding. In their eyes, your branch isn’t just a branch anymore. Instead, it’s a massive hub of financial information and knowledge—an establishment that can empower them to save, invest, and prepare for their financial future.

Then, instead of having to flip through old pamphlets once inside your branch, they’re referred to an iPad which can easily be used to browse through detailed descriptions of the  rates, policies, and financial products. Talk about convenience!

This isn’t a branch of the future; it’s a branch of today. And it could be your branch if you invest in the right digital signage products to wow your customers.