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How Retail Stores Can Get a Major Boost with Digital Signage
Jan. 30, 2023
How Retail Stores Can Get a Major Boost with Digital Signage

How Retail Stores Can Get a Major Boost with Digital Signage

Retail stores are becoming more and more modern by the day. Digital technologies are making their way into all parts of the business, and that’s no accident.

Digital signage in particular offers a wide range of business-boosting use cases. Namely, digital signs allow stores to connect with their customers in a visually appealing way.

In this post, we’ll briefly go through some of the ways that retailers can use a digital signage solution to their advantage and create a more modern and appealing shopping experience.

Attract Passing Shoppers into Your Store

Whether your retail store is located inside a shopping center, or is a standalone shop, placing digital signage in clear view of passersby is an effective way to grab their attention. Then, your content can lure them in with compelling multimedia demonstrating the latest styles, sales, promos, and more.

Surveys show that approximately 40% of shoppers decide to enter a store after viewing its digital signage. So if your retail locations don’t already have big and bright digital signs, now’s a good time to get some.

Upsell, Cross-sell, & Increase Cart Sizes

Digital content can be very persuasive. A digital sign showing sleek, clever digital content can encourage people make last-minute buying decisions and up their cart sizes.

Promos, product pairings, and deals will entice shoppers into adding items to their basket, whether that’s in the checkout row or before they get in line to pay.

The result? Customers will buy more each time they visit your store.

Gain Social Media Involvement

The importance of social media for businesses these days can’t be understated. But gaining followers is not always easy.

Digital screens can be a great tool for garnering social media engagement. You can repurpose content from your social media pages, display it on your screens, and create more interest in your social networks in the process.

A great way to get more followers is to reward customers for following your channels or tagging you in their posts. You can incentivize engagement through discounts, entries into giveaways, loyalty points, and more.

Improve Internal Communications

Employee-facing digital signage allows staff to streamline information on the spot, sharing it with any location in your global network.

Digital signs also provide real-time data about what’s needed by who and where. This creates a more cohesive work environment where mundane computer tasks are automated and information flows more readily.

Real-time data, enforcing polices and procedures, and training can all get a boost from an internal digital signage solution.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Videos that tell a compelling story about your brand from humble beginnings to where it is now will resonate with shoppers. Telling your brand’s story characterizes your brand even more, and distinguishing your brand from the field is definitely a good thing.

Many people will remember your story—especially if there are any parts they can relate to. And that will help garner brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Entertain Shoppers with Digital Content

Many people go to malls and shopping areas as a form of entertainment. Shoppers enjoy the environment of retail stores, and your digital signs are part of that experience. So if digital signs add value to your store other than marketing content, that’s a major benefit.

Customers will enjoy shopping in your store more, and will be more likely to come back and shop again.

In short, digital signage in retail is an extremely effective tool for improving the customer experience and making things run more smoothly behind the curtains. By now, the benefits are too great for retailers that don’t use digital signage to keep missing out.