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How Fitness Center Digital Signage Increases Member Satisfaction
Feb. 28, 2024
How Fitness Center Digital Signage Increases Member Satisfaction

How Fitness Center Digital Signage Increases Member Satisfaction

Keeping your gym members as engaged as possible is extremely important. After all, 50% of new gym members quit within the first six months. If you don’t keep them locked in with high quality classes, equipment, and content, they’ll head for the hills.

Digital signage is an ideal tool to present gym members with valuable content that makes their gym experience better. Below, we’ll go over some of the top ways you can use digital signage for fitness centers to retain more of your members.

Display Class Overviews and Schedules

Whether you’re offering pilates, yoga, boxing lessons, or anything else at your fitness center, it’s important to make sure that your members know about it. Not only that, they should feel encouraged to join, especially since members who attend classes are 56% less likely to cancel their membership.

Use your digital signage to display videos from your classes, interviews with satisfied class members, and comments from instructors. That way, members who aren’t taking advantage of your classes will me tempted to join and make the most out of their memberships.

Highlight Your Promotional Offers

It’s important to spread the word about any promos you might have, whether they’re for products you sell at your gym, new member referral rewards, or loyalty programs. Since digital signs are so attention-grabbing, they’re an extremely effective tool for that. Then, you can increase awareness, and in turn, increase sales and sign-ups.

Run Motivational Content Across Your Displays

Getting a great workout takes a lot of effort. But on some days, the gears are just turning a little slower than on others. That’s where motivational videos on fitness center digital signage come in.

Show video content that gets people pumped up and helps them push through the extra reps that make all the difference. That way members can make the maximize their workouts at your gym, and boost their gains.

Offer Workout Tips and Instructional Content

Fitness center digital signage is great for providing guidance on things like how to properly use a machine, how to do a certain exercise, or tips on workout routines. You can dedicate displays solely for instructional content, or splice it in with other content to vary your playlists or make more use out of certain displays.

Include Interactive Content

When using interactive touchscreen displays for your fitness center, you can allow members to sign up for classes with the tap of a few digital buttons. You can even include the option for live workout data, challenges, and games. This will spice things up while making your displays even more useful.

Use Your Digital Signage to Share Important Info

Your digital displays are perfect for notifying patrons about any relevant info about your gym, such as holiday hours, notices of class cancellations, or facilities that are out of order. You can even post content about community activities like charity drives or local events and show your support for happenings in your area.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Screen Placement Matters Greatly

It’s important to place your displays strategically, and develop a content strategy for each screen or set of displays. For example, displays near your workout classrooms might be used for class scheduling, while displays at the entrance to your gym might be used for promos and marketing content to lure in potential new members.

Having a clearly defined purpose for each screen will help guide the content creation and content management processes.

Keep Content Playlists Fresh

Updating your playlist periodically with new material is a good idea. At the very least, alternating existing playlists will help prevent members from glazing over content they’ve seen recently and ignoring it.

Use the Power of Video to Your Advantage

Digital displays give you the opportunity to display dynamic content. This catches the eye and draws people’s attention so you can deliver concise, targeted content that accomplishes its goal.

This combined with the rest of the tips and use cases above will enable you to make the most out of your fitness center digital signage, improve the member experience at your gym, and retain more members for longer periods of time.