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How Digital Signage is Reshaping the Hospitality Industry
Jan. 13, 2021
Hospitality Technology

How Digital Signage is Reshaping the Hospitality Industry

Digital signage has become increasingly prominent over the last few years. It’s cost-effective over the long term, and reduces perceived wait times significantly, resulting in an improved customer experience.

But how else is digital signage reshaping hospitality? And more specifically, for hotels. Let’s take a look.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

There are numerous ways that hotels can leverage digital signage to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Signage can be used to reinforce and display hotel policies, manage traffic flow in normally crowded spaces (informing people of when they’re able to pass through a certain area), and as self-check-in kiosks, with built-in sanitizing stations to limit human contact.

It can also be used to suggest alternative ideas for activities. For example, if one of the hotel restaurants is getting full, it could suggest alternatives to prevent overcrowding in areas.

Travel Updates

In New York City, there is an abundance of ways to get around. When staying in a hotel, it’s nice to know how long it’ll take to get from A to B or what cab wait times look like. Take this example from one of our clients, Equinox hotels, who we provide digital signage solutions for.

Equinox Hotel
Equinox Hotel

Thanks to real-time updates from integrated apps, hotel guests can see exactly how far they need to plan ahead for their transportation across the city.

Room Availability

Despite hotels' advertised check-in times, guests will inevitably arrive at all times of the day, and sometimes they may be earlier than expected. With digital signage, guests can be informed in realtime when their room is ready without having to disturb busy check-in staff.

It could also provide answers to important questions when it comes to whether or not upgrades are available alongside pricing structures for each room.

Personalized Greetings

Everyone loves a personal touch when visiting a new place, and induvial digital signs on rooms is a great way to do this. Digital displays showing room numbers that automatically switches to a greeting when the room key is scanned is a great way to add a little extra to the customer experience.


Larger hotels can be a maze, and digital signage allows for much easier wayfinding. Not only that, they can easily be updated if things change. QR codes on signage that display maps and directions can be used to download routes to rooms on smartphones and can be personalized if the room key is presented. This allows guests to freely explore on their own terms without having to remember chunks of information given upon check-in.

Conference Room Availability

Many hotel guests are traveling for business and may need to use meeting rooms/conferencing facilities – but it can be difficult to work out if the room is booked or not. With digital signage with integrated scheduling, guests can see whether or not the room is booked, and if it’s available, they can book it right there and then.

The Future is Bright for Digital Hotel Displays

As you can see, the possibilities when it comes to using digital signage in a hospitality setting are pretty far and wide. And thanks to the cloud-based nature of digital signage, anything that requires a booking or is schedule-related can also be easily linked with hotel apps so that guests don’t even have to leave their room to check availability or travel times.

In short, digital signage can enhance customer experience while increasing the overall efficiency at a hotel. Considering it’s wide range of uses, it’s a great investment for any hotel that doesn’t already use it in multiple areas within its walls.