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Save Time with Content Scheduling and Live Previews
Jun. 29, 2022
How Content Scheduling and Live Previews Help Plan and Save Time

Save Time with Content Scheduling and Live Previews

When it comes to digital signage and social media, planning and preparing each piece of content that you put out will help your brand stay on track with your marketing strategy.

Planning and scheduling your content will help you keep track of new content, promotions, seasonal specials. And producing high-quality content on a regular basis will result in a higher rate of interaction, keeping your audience engaged and satisfied with your content while you meet your marketing objectives. You can see what your audience will see months in advance with live previews.

Save Time in the Long Run

Sitting down to curate, create and schedule a month’s worth of content may seem daunting at first, but it really helps in the long run and is worth the initial time and effort.

You can plan your posts months in advance and maintain your brand’s online presence even while you’re not working.

You won’t have to monitor every little detail since you’ll have already set everything in motion beforehand. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while your online presence becomes a self-sustainable machine that you only have to check on periodically.

Stay Organized

Planning and scheduling your material ahead of time can also help you and your team stay organized.

For example, if you're working with a team of graphic designers or video editors, you'll be able to brainstorm and request or create that content ahead of time, especially if you have to plan for significant dates and holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Preview Content Before It Goes Out

A live preview is essentially a preview of any content before it is officially posted on social media. You can see what your content will look like in real-time on your feed without the need for any images or specialized mockups.

If you have different types of signs in different locations, for example, various restaurants with digital signage in each one displaying menus, then this feature can help before launching a new branch, or even just to ensure that your media displays will look great, regardless of where they’re being posted.

Organize Your Brand Image Across Various Mediums

As a business, you are maintaining your marketing image in various different forums. That includes:

- Digital signage in your shops, campuses, or branches
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Email newsletters and marketing campaigns
- Blog
- Website(s)
- And more

That means if you have a different team on each platform, your marketing message can become disjointed across all mediums.

But with content scheduling and live previews, you can map out your content first, check out your live previews, then set everything in motion with the confidence that it will create a cohesive message.

Si9n Makes the Process Easier

Scheduling content on our CMS platform, si9n, allows for users to set campaigns, menu seasonal launches, or any piece of media ahead of time.

By using its scheduling parameters, you have the option to set content by the date, time, or day of the week. This gives the end-user the opportunity to set their own workflow when scheduling content.

Si9n also offers users a live preview function where you see what is playing in real-time on the displays. This makes scheduling a new campaign or menu seasonal launch simple.

Not only are there granular scheduling parameters, but you can also future-proof your creativity on the displays via si9n, making this a ZI differentiator in the market.