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Highlights from CES 2024: The Most Interesting Tech Coming Out Soon
Jan. 30, 2024
Highlights from CES 2024: The Most Interesting Tech Coming Out Soon

Highlights from CES 2024: The Most Interesting Tech Coming Out Soon

Every year, CES is a spectacle full of everything from bizarre prototypes to breakthrough technology that will be released soon. This year’s CES certainly didn’t disappoint, with a wide range of interesting demos.

With over a thousand participating companies, we’ve chosen a few of the most prominent appearances from CES 2024. Here are our top picks.

Afeela - Sony / Honda Electric Vehicle

With plans for preorder in 2025 and official release to consumers in 2026, Sony and Honda’s collaborative high-tech vehicle is certainly advanced. We got a first look at the Afeela at last year’s CES, but several features have been added, and the current prototype seems to be closer to what will actually hit the markets in a year or two.

An overhead lidar sensor was added for more accurate real-time information while driving, and an even more massive and wider interior display stretches all across the dashboard, extending to the doors on each side.

Afeela will feature a Microsoft AI assistant which will be able to carry out requests through voice command. It will also be able to achieve level three autonomous driving which is dubbed Conditional Automation. This means it will be able to perform much of the basic driving for you, but that you’ll be required to take part some of the time.

Brelyon Ultra Reality Display

The Brelyon UR display allows you to view a much wider screen from a much smaller device. As you bring your face closer to the box-shaped device, the range in view becomes much wider.

Think of it almost like a VR headset but without the need to press it up to your face. The shape of the glass and technology behind the device make this possible.

Defense contractors have already become the first customers for this technology, and it may soon appear in other areas.

Nimo Spatial Computer & Asus AirVision M1

The Nimo spatial computer is like the Apple Vision Pro, but it all fits in your pocket. The AR eye glasses aren’t much bigger than your everyday sunglasses. And the handheld pointer actually contains a mini computer.

The device can run thousands of apps, and supports Windows 11. The apps appear to have depth, taking full advantage of the fact that each lens is a display of its own.

On the other hand, Asus demoed their own eyewear with the AirVision M1. However, the AirVision requires your actual computer to be in front of you, which isn’t quite as groundbreaking but could have some interesting applications moving forward.

The AirVision will allow you to view multiple virtual monitors with only the eyewear on, which looks more like goggles than sunglasses.

Genesis Systems’ WaterCube

The WaterCube is a device that takes moisture from the air to produce clean drinking water. This groundbreaking technology could be used in rescue areas to potentially eliminate the need to transport bottled water, as Genesis Systems outlined in their presentation.

Transparent Displays from LG and Samsung

Although the technology behind transparent displays has been around for a while, and this is not its first appearance at CES, both LG and Samsung gave impressive presentations of displays that are clearer and even more transparent than previous iterations.

LG plans to release their transparent OLED displays later this year, while Samsung’s micro LED transparent displays are technically still just prototypes.


We’ve seen some amazing advancements in both hardware and software in the past few years. It’s clear that headsets and eyewear are the next big thing. That combined with ever-advancing AI should make for an extremely interesting and tech oriented near future for tech enthusiasts all over the world.