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Get Social: Add User Engagement to Your Event with Digital Displays
Jul. 30, 2020
Get Social: Add User Engagement to Your Event with Digital Displays

Get Social: Add User Engagement to Your Event with Digital Displays

The internet has revolutionized connection, communication, and access to information – making it a dream come true with anyone who has their eye on marketing their message to a wider audience.

People have become brands, brands have developed personalities, and advertising has shifted from messages to moments, with everyone enjoying the opportunity to share the spotlight.

Event advertising in particular has benefited enormously from the broad reach of the Internet. Instead of depending on paper collateral, media buys, and press releases to spread the word about your event, you can now broadcast it across the globe with a well-chosen hashtag and a willing audience, not only announcing what you’re doing but also why you’re doing it. Your guests become ambassadors of your event as they tell your story for you, creating a personal connection between your brand and their people, and creating a ripple effect of affordable, personalized marketing.

Twitter is a valuable tool when it comes to spreading the word – the platform has more than 320 million monthly users, and its demographic is extremely popular with high-income, tech-native millennials. Due to the concise format of a tweet, messages are shared quickly and succinctly and are consumed by everyone from casual social media users to information junkies. Hashtags are easily created and searched, collecting your brand’s message in one convenient stream of conversation.

Instagram is another social media giant, with over 700 million monthly users – an astounding number with endless advertising potential. Its visual format is appealing to all ages and allows you to show instead of tell, creating streams of images for your hashtag and curating a clear picture of what your brand is trying to accomplish. 70.7% of businesses utilize Instagram in their marketing in 2017.

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users, with users aged 18-29 acting as the most powerful audience segment. Between event pages and a post format that values photos and words equally, there are a lot of options for promoting your brand’s special occasion.

Both are ideal for event marketing and inspiring user engagement.

Let’s get digital

Digital displays can help motivate your attendees to tell your story to the world. Create display signage containing your hashtag and encourage your guests to include it as they post their event pics and moments on social media. Presenting a live-stream presentation of hash-tagged messages with a digital display at your event allows everyone to enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame and acts as an ongoing reminder to share their experience. It also gives guests something to do, talk about, and connect with, while raising awareness and expanding your audience on the Internet.

A digital display of your brand’s social media feed is a low-effort, high-tech advertising tool that doubles as décor. Bring your guests together to help send your company’s message out into the world…and have fun doing it.