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Exciting Things That Came Out of CES 2021
Jan. 29, 2021
Exciting Tech at CES 2021

Exciting Things That Came Out of CES 2021

From January 11th through January 14th this year, the annual CES went virtual for the first time in its 54 year history. Adweek reported that the CTA spent seven figures on the event in order to make it a success. Here we’ll be taking a look at some of the most exciting products that came from the three-day event.

LG’s rollable smartphone turned heads

For such a little teaser, the LG rollable smartphone made a big impact at this year’s show. Featured on the tech giant’s welcome, the LG Rollable seamlessly transformed from a smartphone to a tablet-looking device in seconds. Sadly, we don’t know much more details about the phone at the moment but LG did announce that the phone would be released this year.

However, according to Tech Radar, this might not be the case as they’re said to be considering dropping the project and their commitment to the smartphone market as a whole. Nevertheless, if LG doesn’t go ahead, we’d be surprised if someone else didn’t jump on the concept.

TVs were a popular trend

It’s official, 4K is going to be a thing of the past, and 8K and micro-led screens were the trends everyone was leaning towards. TCL was the brand that caught the most attention with its 8k enabled 6 series. Yet to announce their pricing, we can expect that based on previous years it’ll be cheaper than the likes of Samsung’s flagship NeoQLED 8K, who are also keeping tight-lipped on price at the time of writing.

LG extended their rolling technology even more with what they referred to as a Smart Bed TV. A transparent screen that looks like it came right out of a sci-fi movie and will update you on your daily weather, traffic reports, and social media feeds while your eyes are adjusting.

The Kohler Stillness Bath brought the spa to us

Since we’ve all been spending more time at home than ever this past year, it’s no surprise that the Kohler Stillness Bath was something we’d all be eager to take a dip in. Bringing a Japanese Spa-style luxury into your home, the tub features an Experience tower that disperses fog, therapeutic essential oils, and gives you the full infinity pool experience thanks to its hinoki wood wreath that captures any overflowing water. Just looking at it makes us feel calmer.

Petpuls grabbed the CES Innovation award

For the animal lovers out there, conversations with man's best friend are a step closer thanks to Petpuls. An AI is designed to understand your dog’s woof and determine its emotional state. The impressive collar which has an algorithm that incorporates over 10,000 bark samples from 50 breeds picked up the award this year and had us wondering if AI will soon be able to translate barks into human language.

Despite the obvious differences from previous years, this year’s CES was still a huge success and got us excited for the next year in tech and what’s around the corner in 2021. Of course, the above is just the tip of the iceberg too. Panasonic launched a revolutionary micro four-thirds camera for pros and hardcore hobbyist videographers, Toto showcased its ‘wellness toilet’ a smart toilet designed to analyze waste and slap your wrist if you eat too many Big Macs (well not quite the latter but you get the point), and Sony revealed its Airpeak drone, which is sure to entice users of its already highly successful Alpha series.