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Enhance Your Digital Signage Experience with QR Codes
Nov. 20, 2020
Crunch Interactive Display

Enhance Your Digital Signage Experience with QR Codes

If you’ve visited a restaurant or QSR since the pandemic, you’ve likely used a QR code on your table to browse the menu and even order food and drinks.

QR codes don’t just make social distancing easy and assist with print marketing endeavors, but they can help with your digital marketing and digital signage efforts too. They’re a great way to ensure your digital displays stay interactive without the need for using more expensive touch screen technology.

QR codes are easy to implement, can be generated for free if necessary, and are accessible to just about everyone who owns a smartphone. Nowadays, almost all smart phones have a QR code reader built into their existing camera, so there’s no need to download an app.

Analytics Made Simple

QR codes also make it easier to measure how successful a campaign is. This is because you can easily track how many users have accessed your target URL from the code. From there, you can use standard website metrics like Google Analytics to take a look at your conversion rate and calculate your ROI.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Using QR Codes in their Digital Signage

QR codes can be used across multiple industries to direct users to pretty much anything. Some industries are easier than others, but with a little bit of thinking outside of the box, QR codes can be placed anywhere, even on videos, as Burger King did at the MTV VMAs.

If you’re a restaurant owner, QR codes could be used to advertise coupons, promos, or even reservations.

For those in the fitness industry, codes can be used to book customers into classes or schedule personal training sessions. They can even be integrated with other digital signage in the facility. For example, if you have digital signs outside group training rooms advertising schedules, you can link with a QR code to allow people to book, and block it out once it’s full. QR codes can also be used as a starting point for a gym membership, especially if the door isn’t manned during all hours.

Vogue Business reported that QR codes are fashion’s new tech essential. By attaching a QR code to a particular visual display, customers can add items to their cart through their phone. The code can also be linked so that the items are ready for the customer when they get to the checkout counter.

In movie theatres, QR codes can be used to access trailers to the latest movies and even to book tickets without having to use the self-service kiosks or go to a cashier.

Visually, QR codes should be able to fit in with your branding too. They can be integrated in a variety of way, just make sure they’re clearly visible and are large enough for the user to scan without a hassle.


Incorporating QR codes into your digital signage is simple, and it allows you to broadcast your QR codes all across your screens. The bright, eye-catching nature of digital signs is perfect for displaying QR codes, so take full advantage of your digital screens by adding QR codes into your digital signage content.