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Streamline and Manage Your Order Pick Up Workflow
Jan. 06, 2021
Digital Queuing Displays

Streamline and Manage Your Order Pick Up Workflow

Digital signage is 400% more effective than more traditional, static options, with industries shifting away from previous marketing methods and going increasingly digital.

Digital displays allow for brighter signs with clearer imagery up to 5x that of standard printed material. They open up a new world of marketing, allowing business owners to stream videos, day part content and A/B test advertising, among other benefits.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) have a unique position here. Not only can signage solutions help with their streetside marketing and “curb” appeal, they can also be used to help streamline and improve the overall service of a restaurant.

Line Management Solutions

Effective line management is an integral part of a successful QSR and can be made much more efficient with the integration of digital signage solutions. Pick up displays which are linked directly to the KDS or back house system will let all staff members know what stage an order is at and when it is completed. This also improves customer experience journey by helping remove ambiguity in wait times, as well as streamline the customer experience overall.

Minimal Interruptions, Maximum Efficiency

Nowadays, customer experience is the driving factor behind deciding whether or not to revisit a restaurant. Of course, the food has to taste great, but equally important, people want to feel valued and know that their time is appreciated. No one enjoys aimlessly waiting in line wondering how long our meal is going to take.

Digital signage keeps a consistent and clear line of communication open that doesn’t disturb staff who are busy prepping orders. Screens can display order numbers and real-time status updates so that customers know when to expect their food. Perceived wait times can also be reduced by pairing this system with some marketing material or informational content.

Third-Party Communication

Digital signs also allow you to keep third-party partners in the loop. Many QSRs are now affiliated with mobile delivery services such as UberEats, GrubHub, and Deliveroo, so they regularly see an influx of delivery drivers coming in to collect orders. FOH displays allow third parties to stay informed about their clients’ orders, all with minimal interaction, which is especially beneficial in a post-pandemic world.

Social Distancing Made Easy

In these unpredictable times, QSRs have the incredible task of ensuring that social distancing is appropriately managed, especially in confined spaces. Thanks to digital signage, social distancing procedures can be implemented easily, and it’s simpler than ever to place and collect orders without ever having to come into contact with another person. Patrons can wait in designated zones for their food, and management can track wait times and other KPIs through a back end content management platform.

Analyzing Metrics

Metrics surrounding important KPIs like customer queuing, wait times, pick up delay times and food prep times are now managed much easier with a fully integrated digital signage system that saves time and money.


As you can see, digital signage helps to streamline operations in the QSR industry. Customer experience is improved. Processes can be simplified and expedited, and things can be safer in a world afflicted by a pandemic. Digital signage not only protects your customers and employees, it makes things easier and more efficient. And in a time when millennials demand fast service, this is an absolute must.