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Digital Fitness Solutions from Zero-In
Aug. 18, 2021
Digital Fitness Solutions from Zero-In

Digital Fitness Solutions from Zero-In

In the era of all things digital, even fitness facilities and gyms need to come up with innovative ways to adapt and embrace technology. Fortunately, Zero-In has a wealth of products to cater to just that. Here are some ways digital solutions can improve the client experience in gyms and ultimately boost revenue.

Video Walls

Video walls can create a more immersive and personalized experience. By integrating with class scheduling systems such as Mindbody or Daxco, members can view upcoming classes, instructor information, and up-to-the-minute changes in schedules. They can also be used to host online fitness classes. This provides benefits to both the gym and clients’ workouts. During unmanned hours, clients will still be able to receive a high-quality guided workout that’s similar to if not the same as going to an in-person group class. Video training has already been successful for Equinox, who installed a small fitness center at the AMEX lounge at JFK, allowing those in transit to squeeze in a quick workout.

You can also use video walls to familiarize your members with personal trainers and instructors. Templates created in our content management system make it easy to update and feature trainers at your facility. From bios, to photos, and even fun facts, the possibilities are endless on what you can display.

Most importantly they can be used to promote free advertising for the fitness center. By displaying QR codes, branded hashtags, and even a live feed of social media posts that the facility is being tagged in, visitors to the gym will be motivated to share their content too.

User-Generated Content like this is a sure-fire way to increase audience reach and get new eyes on the facility. Existing clients do your advertising for your business by simply sharing pics taken from your gym on their social networks.

Streamlined Check-In Systems

Check-in doesn’t need to be difficult, nor does signing up for a membership. Gone are hour-long chats with a PT where people are ‘sold’ the gym. People want to get in and out and potentially have a personalized experience on the way because it shows that they’re valued.

With automated check-in kiosks, clients and soon-to-be clients can easily gain access to the gym. When strategically placed around the facility, they can also offer personalized workout suggestions and any special offers on training sessions that can all be updated in real-time.

Music Streaming

Music has been proven to make people exercise harder during their workouts. It can even improve mood which can lead to a more productive workout. This is why having music streaming is essential to providing a well-rounded client experience, especially for those who forget their earphones from time to time.

Zero-In’s digital solutions for fitness includes fully licensed streaming services that can be tailored and customized to suit different times of the day. The music can also be used when people are waiting to reduce perceived wait times.

Live Menu Updates

For fitness facilities that offer concession stands like smoothie stations, juice bars, or even places to purchase branded merchandise, Zero In can offer on-brand digital menus that display pricing and any offers. They can all be updated using a simple and intuitive CMS. Using digital signage for pricing is perfect for one-off spur-of-the-moment events like flash sales as the menus can be changed in a few seconds.

These are just some of the ways digital can enhance the experience at your facility. Contact Zero-In to brainstorm your next initiative.