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Cutting Through the Clutter and Glare with High-Bright Window Displays
Oct. 20, 2020
Dime Bank NY Window Display

Cutting Through the Clutter and Glare with High-Bright Window Displays

Retail environments in heavy-pedestrian urban areas can be up to 35% more expensive per square foot than in other areas. Therefore, it’s important to maximize the value of these high-profile locations and use your space to get more foot traffic through your doors.

With more people comes more opportunity for your business to attract clients and grab the attention of passersby. You can do this by creating bright, eye-catching digital window displays that will make potential clients stop in their tracks.

“Attract” Content

Walk down Fifth Ave., New York during the holidays and you’re sure to see droves of immersive content displays designed to make you want to recreate that feeling from home.

Experiential marketing is also a great way to catch people’s eyes. The example below from the team behind Black Mirror can also be classed as OOH marketing, but it’s a great example of something that’s attention-grabbing and makes people want to share.

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

The above is just one of many ways to encourage people to either enter your store or share your company with their social circles.

You can also use content like offers to get people to find out more. With digital signage, this can be done in many ways.

For example, if you’re in the restaurant business, you may want to give passersby midweek offers which you can change each day or week by simply updating the signage. Simple instructions like: “Text PIZZA to 765-1234 for a discount on today’s lunch” gives people just enough intrigue to take the necessary steps to find out more.

If you work in the fitness industry, you could try: “ZERO registration fees when you join this month. Scan the QR code to transform your body and mind today!”

There are endless options, and it’s a cost-effective way to market yourself and your brand.

Digital Signage Solutions Save Time and Money

Static window displays aren’t inherently boring, but they can be time-consuming, and costly. Each time you have a new promotion, you’re having to change the physical content of the display which means a new round of printing costs and any labor involved too.

Though the cost of managing static window displays is low upfront when compared to digital, in the long run, you will end up paying more if you stick to the more traditional methods. Plus, they’re nowhere near as versatile as digital. And if you make a mistake in your content, you can simply change things in a matter of seconds if it’s digital.

If you work in an industry that’s heavily regulated where all visual content needs approval from senior management, this can only be done in person when dealing with traditional signage. Whereas if everything is uploaded to a cloud-based server before displaying, then it can be approved remotely.

Digital content also gives you a level of quality that you just can't achieve with print, no matter how good the display is.

Be Seen and Heard

Window display technology can be 3x-5x brighter than standard displays which helps to really grab people’s attention when walking by.

Sound is also proven to help deliver better results—especially when teamed with digital displays. They can be as much as 40% more effective.


We hope this article opens you up to the untapped potential that digital signage has. When teamed with physical displays, it can create a hybrid window display that’s sure to attract the footfall into your store. That’ll allow you to still make use of existing signs. Then all you need to think about is converting those leads.