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Best Ways to Use Digital Signage in Retail Stores
Aug. 31, 2022
Best Ways to Use Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Best Ways to Use Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Retail is a super competitive industry that’s become even more challenging to excel in with the advent of online shopping. That’s why retailers need to do everything they can to get as much value out of the customers in their store as possible.

Digital signage makes that much easier to do. It’s a highly versatile tool that can help your retail establishment increase its marketing and bottom-line goals. Keep reading to learn how.

Feature a Product

Probably the most obvious use case for digital signage in retail establishments is to draw attention to specific products. With dynamic digital content, you can really highlight the features of a product.

For example, an iPhone may not look that interesting when it’s in a box, locked behind a glass cabinet. But when you highlight its curves, camera quality, and size with a crisp, clean digital display, it makes people stop and stare. And that’s the first step toward winning their business.

Teach Guests About Your Items

Use digital signage to tell customers about what makes specific items special. For example, you might have a television that looks pretty similar to every other television in your store.

But with digital signage, you could show customers why the TV’s curvature is better for their viewing experience.

You can even set up digital signage kiosks that allow customers to research the items that you carry on their own. This can help provide relevant, on the spot info while freeing up more of your employees’ time.

Highlight Limited-Time Deals to Create Urgency

It’s no secret that urgency drives sales. But digital signage makes it easier to create that sense of urgency in your customers.

That’s because you can use it to create high-resolution, animated displays that capture customers’ attention more effectively than traditional signs. And when more people know about your best limited-time deals, you should see an increase in sales.

Keep Customers Entertained

With digital signage, you don’t have to just run ads the whole time. You can have screens dedicated to your marketing efforts, screens dedicated to entertainment, or any or all of your screens can do both by alternating content.

This can both help to keep customers in your store for longer and increase interest in the products you want to sell more of.

Display Positive Reviews

Data shows that most people look at online reviews before making a purchase nowadays. That means some people who see a product they like in your store may wait to buy it until they can go home and read reviews on it.

But with digital signage, you can show those reviews on a screen that’s placed right next to the product. That way, people know what other customers think about it, and they can make a purchasing decision before leaving your store.

Sign People Up for Your App or Email List

Use digital signage to garner customer loyalty by directing people to sign up for your email list or download your app. One way to do this is by sharing a QR code on a digital display.

That way, people can pull out their phones, scan the code, and automatically go to the sign-up or download screen that you want them to see. You can even incentivize this by offering discounts and giveaways.

The net result is more people in your marketing funnel, which will help you drive sales.


Digital signage has many effective use cases in retail stores. Anywhere that you can use digital signs to reach and interact with customers is a good idea. Then, you can expect an increase in customer engagement, and ultimately, an uptick in your sales numbers.