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Best Use Cases for Video Walls
Jul. 28, 2022
Best Use Cases for Video Walls

Best Use Cases for Video Walls

Having a video wall gives you an incredibly effective way to reach your audience. Based on sheer size alone, people cannot miss your content. It occupies so much of their field of vision that they have no choice but to view your messaging.

Getting them to digest it will come down to your digital signage content itself and how compelling it is, of course. But a video wall will give you the opportunity to grab the attention of just about every person who walks or drives by it.

Here are some of the top industry use cases for video walls to give you a few ideas for how they are used.

Shopping Centers

Malls and shopping areas are absolutely prime real estate for advertising on digital signage. The rule here is the bigger, the better.

Then, marketers can be sure their content gets noticed by as many shoppers as possible. And hopefully, sway those shoppers into buying decisions on the spot since that’s what they’re already there for.

Airports and Transit Hubs

Whether its an airport, subway stop, train station, or bus station, large-scale digital displays are the ideal way to attract third-party advertisers. They turn otherwise unused space into valuable real estate that consistently generates passive revenue.

Not only that, these screens are extremely useful for displaying maps, routes, and useful information about the station or the area. This can even be mixed in with marketing content, killing two birds with one stone.

Office Buildings & Apartment Buildings

Lobbies of office buildings provide valuable real estate for marketing content. Video walls can also be used in other parts of the building such as conference areas.

Likewise, in large urban apartment buildings, there is valuable ad space in lobbies, elevator areas, and even in front of the building.

Real Estate Offices

In real estate, appearances are very important to closing. With presentation being so key, video walls are a very useful tool to wow potential buyers and make that lasting first impression.

Video walls can show the ins and outs of properties in HD or even 4K to bring out rich details.

Parking Garages

In parking garages, there’s a lot of available space that hundreds or thousands of people pass by every day. Whether they are on university campuses, shopping centers, downtown parking, or any other garage that gets frequented daily, video walls can offer a great opportunity for ad revenue.

Live Event Signage

Apart from your standard jumbotron for sports arenas, video walls can be placed behind stages, off to the side, overhead, and even in hallways and entrances to the arena.

There are many areas where video walls come in handy for all types of events. They enhance messaging capabilities for conferences, concerts, sports events, or any other large indoor gathering. Video walls provide a dynamic platform to show all types of media, including real-time content.


The above use cases are just some of the many ways that video walls can be used to generate passive revenue through third party ads, or serve as highly visible, functional tools for a variety of uses.

Extra large digital screens get your point across to more people and from farther away. Anywhere that this is a goal, video walls can help you accomplish that.