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8 Effective Ways to Increase Revenue Using Digital Menu Boards
Feb. 28, 2024
8 Effective Ways to Increase Revenue Using Digital Menu Boards

8 Effective Ways to Increase Revenue Using Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards come with a wide array of business-boosting benefits. The initial investment of adopting digital menu boards for your restaurant or business will likely pay for itself and them some in a short amount of time.

With that in mind, digital menu boards are better than static poster boards in just about every way.

In this post, we’ll suggest eight ways that you can leverage digital menu boards to boost revenue at your business.

1. Dynamic Pricing Strategies

You can adjust menu prices for items according to the season, the occasion, or customer demand. This allows you to gain more per transaction than you would have previously, potentially increasing revenue by a significant margin.

2. Dayparting (Rotating Menus)

If your business isn’t already offering curtailed menus based on the time of day, it really should. This will give you the opportunity to offer breakfast or lunch specials, and incentivize repeat customers with deals they can look forward to.

3. Cross-Selling and Upselling

Pairing items with one another or creating combos is an effective way to increase cart sizes. When customers see that they can get a discount by adding more, some won’t be able to resist the opportunity.

4. Dynamic Content

One of the many advantages of having a digital signage system is the ability to display dynamic content. This includes video and moving graphics in addition to images and text.

You can show video clips of dishes being prepared and served, and happy patrons eating, or enjoying your products whatever they may be. This will create much more interest in your offerings than simple images on static signs.

One way to do this is to have additional displays alongside your digital menus to show these videos. And on your digital menus, you can use graphics that will make your menus more appealing and more attention-grabbing.

The overall presentation will be much more attractive than traditional signage.

5. Targeted Offerings

Whether it’s a big sporting event in town, or a holiday like Halloween, having things on the menu that cater to the occasion can help boost sales. You can even offer deals and advertise them on your outdoor digital signage or elsewhere to help draw people in.

6. Promos and Limited Time Offers

Digital signage is perfect for highlighting specials and deals of any kind. For limited time offers, your digital signage can be a great tool to encourage customers to seize the opportunity.

That’s because digital screens are so much harder to ignore than static signs. They catch the eye of passersby and potential customers, and help you to deliver your messaging more effectively.

7. Easier to Manage

With menus that can be updated in seconds through your digital signage software CMS (content management system), you can save on employee bandwidth, and eliminate the need to change menus out manually.

Menus can even be set to change automatically through your CMS, and scheduled as far ahead of time as you choose, right down to the minute.

8. Self-Service Kiosks

The same digital signage software that powers your digital menu boards can be used for self-ordering kiosks. Especially for QSRs, having the option to add self-service touchscreen menus if you don’t already have them is a good idea.

After all, the majority of customers actually prefer self-service these days. It can make ordering easier, reduce order errors by allowing the customer to check their order before paying, cut back on employee bandwidth, and streamline orders, sending them straight to the kitchen for preparation.


Digital menu boards have a lot of to offer. The above use cases are just a few ideas on how to make the most of them. When used correctly, digital menu boards can enhance your business, and greatly increase revenue. Try the tips above and see for yourself!