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5 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Your Restaurant
Oct. 31, 2023
5 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Your Restaurant

5 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Your Restaurant

These days, digital signage is all over the place, including in restaurants of all kinds. You might even have some digital signage in your restaurant already. If you do, however, there are likely some valuable ways to use digital signage that you’re missing out on.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the top ways to improve your restaurant using digital signage.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor digital signage can do a lot to serve your business. You can use it in a variety of ways, and since the content isn’t static, it can serve multiple purposes.

Outdoor digital signs can direct drivers to the drive-thru line, notify them about hours of operation, and even show your support for local events like charity drives or sports matches.

Best of all, your outdoor restaurant signage can inform passersby and customers about your latest deals and promos. If you have a new item on the menu, add it to your outdoor displays so people driving by can find out about it.

Drive-Thru Screens

Another great place to make your newest items and promos known to customers is on your drive-thru displays. You can add any and all relevant information that can help people decide what to order, including nutrition facts, ingredients, pricing, and more.

Use suggestive selling methods to encourage customers to make their order a combo and increase their cart size. The screens can prompt users to add side items or drinks.

When customers are ready to finalize their order, they will be able to see it all listed out on screen. Then, they’ll have the opportunity to make last-minute changes. This can help mitigate order errors for both customers and staff.

Self-Service Ordering Kiosks

Inside your restaurant, allow customers to place orders themselves by interacting with a touchscreen display that can allow them to do everything from decide what to order all the way to processing payments and collecting their order ticket.

After all, some people prefer punching the order in themselves, especially when guided by a user-friendly interface that can be offered in multiple languages. They can even use coupons or add themselves into your loyalty program and reap benefits straight through your interactive screens.

Plus, this option saves employee bandwidth in the process, so it’s a win-win.

Order Management

Employee-facing screens that detail customers’ orders help keep things organized in the kitchen and prep areas, which can be especially helpful during a rush. Information like order times, take-out or dine-in, and any special instructions can all be on-screen for your staff to refer to.

Key information can be highlighted or color coded, and you can even make use of countdowns to help ensure that customers aren’t kept waiting too long.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards allow you to grab people’s attention and show them mouth-watering content of your dishes being prepared or served. Menu items can come alive on-screen with videos and graphics alongside listed offerings.

Digital menus can easily be managed through your digital signage CMS (content management system), and item availability can be updated automatically. Making changes takes only seconds, and digital signs prevent wasteful printing and labor-intensive manual changing of menus.

Day parting can also take place automatically, with scheduled changes that allow breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus to appear on their own at certain intervals.


These are just five of the many ways that digital signage has enhance your restaurant. From the exterior of your restaurant to the inside and all the way into the kitchen, digital screens can serve a wide range of business-boosting purposes.

If you haven’t already begun using digital signage at your restaurant, now’s the time. And if you have some digital screens, consider adding the use cases above that you aren’t using yet to improve your business even more.